Social Casino Game Launched By Zynga


ynga is best known for its partnership with Facebook and that farm animal game, but now the social gaming firm has launched social casino style game’s called Hit It Rich!

Available through Facebook and Zynga’s own website, the instantly recognisably themed social casino games are based on iconic favourites in the entertainment industry.

With Halloween fast approaching, there are spooky treats, such as the spooky world of Elvira, Mistress of the Dark on offer. Elvira stars in the Hit It Rich! game with her beehive hairdo, blood red lipstick and iconic persona.

Other firm favourite themes include The Wizard of Oz, Sex and the City, and American A&E Network’s ‘Duck Dynasty.’

Hit It Rich! has online games with rich audio and graphics, including bonus features and games, social gifting and a mode to challenge other players in.

Hit It Rich! is available to be played in German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, and English.