32Red fined 2Million pounds for failing to help a gambler

32Red fined 2Million pounds for failing to help a gambler

Online Casino Company 32Red has been fined 2Million pounds for missing many opportunities to help a problematic gambler, but instead offering the customer VIP status and giving him free bonuses. After several investigations, the Gambling Commission said 32Red should have helped the customer who had deposited 758,000 pounds two years ago. The commission said that the gambler had admitted to the staff that he had spent too much and kept gambling to “chase” his losses.

Following the terms of licenses to operate in the UK, companies have the authority to intervene whenever they realize that the customer’s behavior indicates addiction. The investigation also revealed that 32Red failed to confirm whether the customer could afford his bets, which is part of the license conditions.

The commission’s executive director, Richard Watson, said:

“instead of the Company checking on the welfare of the customer, 32Red encouraged the customer to gamble more. This is against the rules and regulations of the gambling industry. The operators are supposed to take action when they spot signs of addiction from the customers.”

The investigation of the incident revealed that 32Red gave the customer VIP status on February 2013, two years ago and there were more than 22 occasions that the customer showed signs of addiction. The company only reviewed the customer’s account and immediately staked the winnings on a new bet. The company had already deposited 758,000 pounds by the time the account was suspended. 32Red also broke the rules designed to prevent money laundering, because it did not check the customer's source of income.

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