Best Casino Wins As Seen On The Big Screen

Best Casino Wins As Seen On The Big Screen

The glitz and glamour of casinos goes hand in hand with Hollywood and the movie scene. Some of our favourite actors and actresses have made their mark on us while winning big at the casino in front of our very eyes, in full HD splendour.

Rain Man - Counting Cards at The Blackjack Table

One of my favourite films from childhood, that was my first lesson in playing Blackjack was the iconic Rain Man. This touching film from 1988 (the best year for movies, no?) pictured Dustin Hoffman as the autistic older brother of a young, flashy Tom Cruise.

One of the most iconic movie scenes is when the two reunited brothers come down the casino stairs, with Tom Cruise fixing his tie as they grace the casino floor after their make-overs, wearing their brand new suits. This of course, is after Raymond has found out his autistic brother is a mathematical genius and they are about to clean the casino out playing the Blackjack table and counting cards.

Casino Royale's Poker Face

Daniel Craig's debut as 007 sees him testing his poker face as he faced the villain of the movie at the poker table over a game of Texas Hold'em. Both his new role and Bond villain Le Chiffre test Craig's mettle in his new role. And he most certainly proves his worth as he bankrupts his nemesis, despite being new to the game.

In previous incarnations, James Bond has enjoyed the casino game of Baccarat so beating Le Chiffre and winning over $100 million, despite almost being poisoned by his opponent's girlfriend started him off in his new role quite well indeed.

Interesting Fact:- Bond won the pot with a straight flush against a full house.

Ocean's 13 - Pitt and Clooney Take Over The Casino

The third instalment in this casino filled romp has an improbable device, disguised as a lighter being used to take over the gambling machines by jamming the security systems in place on the casino floor. While there has never been a stronger case for banning smoking in casinos, Brad Pitt and George Clooney's attempt at making off with a cool $500 million within 3 minutes shows them taking control of the casino games and makes for exciting viewing.

There are plenty of other great casino winning scenes from the movies, let us know your favourites in the comments below!

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