Casino at Ebbw Vale Proposal Opposed

Casino Ebbw Vale UKPlaid Cymru’s Adam Price has revealed to AMS that Rocksteady Partners an American real estate investor was interested in purchasing a land near Ebbw Vale. The firm has many casinos in Las Vegas and their main objective for buying the land was to build a casino.

However, Economy Secretary Ken Skates told the Senedd ministers that they did not like the idea of building a casino in Ebbw Vale. Back in 2017, there were plans to build a 433M pounds motor racing track, which collapsed when the Welsh government refused to guarantee that they would finance half the amount for the project.

The assembly’s public accounts committee (PAC) said the government was left with 7.3M pounds debt from the money the borrowed for that project. In response to the proposal, the government revealed that there were several proposals on the table from other private sectors to use the site.

Economy Secretary Ken Skates said:

“Let me be clear on this matter, we are not will to let Casino be built in one of the most deprived parts of the United Kingdom. There are many project promoters. I am sure that the member is aware many discussions have taken place, commercial, and the Rocksteady proposal is not the only proposal on the table.”

In the Senedd debate, PAC chairman Nick Ramsay said that they were shocked that the cabinet rejected the project at the eleventh hour. Mr. Skates said that the government was working very hard with the circuit’s developers, but the final proposal was assessed and they concluded that it was risky and the jobs promised were not certain. Rocksteady also revealed that despite having offices in Las Vegas they have other offices in New York’s wall street and Cardiff.

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