Gambling Control Bill excludes Legislation on Loot Boxes

Gambling Control Bill excludes Legislation on Loot Boxes

The long-awaited gambling control bill will be unveiled next year, which was presented to the Irish parliament. The bill will not include legislation on loot boxes in video games, despite the parliament signing a declaration on the issue at the gaming regulators European forum. The Irish government has come up with an inter-departmental working group. The primary function of the working group is to review all the proposals related to gambling bills and are required to submit to the government towards the end of the year.

However, despite no plans to crack down on the loot boxes the minister of state in charge of the department of justice has pointed out that the GREF declaration did not have any legal effect. Some European countries have decided to take action on the games with loot boxes because they know that games permitting loot box contents should be sold for cash to facilitate gambling.

Where Ireland is concerned, Stanton said:

“In situations where a game will offer the possibility of placing a bet or taking risks for financial rewards within the game, then, my opinion is that it should be licensed as a gambling product. To offer gambling products in Ireland, someone needs to have a license under the Betting Acts 1931-2015 or the gaming and lotteries Act 1956. However, people should know that if a game offers in-game purchases, be they loot boxes, skins, etc. These games are usually promoted to gamers by increasing their chances of success. Such purchases are an important commercial and e-commerce activity. This activity should fall within a normal consumer law. My department does not have a role in regulating game developers on how their games should work.”

This new advancement might lead to a further marginalization of online casinos, whose reputation is questioned all the time, despite the fact that they have nothing in common with video games. In fact, unlike video games, all regulated online casinos restrict under-aged players from playing and make sure that players from any of the restricted countries are not allowed to participate.

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