Konami Claims Industry First with Frogger Casino Game

Konami Claims Industry First with Frogger Casino Game

It's not just about the slots, card games, table games and other classic casino favorites at MGM Grand, Las Vegas anymore. The prestigious land-based casino in Sin City has recently rolled out a brand new game from Konami Gaming based on the popular cult-classic 80's arcade game Frogger.

Called "Frogger: Get Hoppin'" the Frogger casino game is a skill-based title that gives players the chance to win random cash rewards as well as earn cash rewards that are based on skill. The top scores of those who play are recorded on both daily and all-time Hall of Fame leaderboards.

Konami claims its game is the first to be authorized for field trials under the Nevada Gaming Control Board's New Innovation Beta program. Konami also claims that it is "the first to introduce skill-based gaming as the primary game play to the Nevada market."

"Considering Konami’s extensive heritage in consumer arcade and video game entertainment," stated Konami Gaming's Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, Tom Jingoli,"We’re excited to bring that creativity and technology to the gaming industry in new ways and help pioneer the development of next generation gaming product."

What is perhaps most interesting about Frogger: Get Hoppin' is that it is drawing the attention of players who do not traditionally engage in gambling activities at the casino. This was made evident during the competition that was held for the game's premier on the 18th and 19th of February. While the game drew in a broad spectrum of players, reports showed that it's largest audience was made up of players who aren't typically big casino gamers.

The Frogger casino game is likely to be one of many new forms of gaming entertainment to hit the land-based casino scene. It will be interesting to see what other arcade skill-based titles, either from Konami or other manufacturers, will hit the Nevada bricks and mortar market or even possibly online casinos one day down the road.

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