Leaked David Beckham Casino Ad Launched as Planned

Leaked David Beckham Casino Ad Launched as Planned

Last week, after Sands China delayed the Venetian Macao and David Beckham casino advertising campaign called “Never Settle”, the ad featuring the globally recognized ex-soccer superstar was leaked online. The delay in the campaigns launch was blamed on technical problems.

The South China Morning Post revealed that the gambling operator had scrapped the ad two days prior to its initial launch, which was supposed to take place on February 12. The newspaper also identified David Beckham as the mystery celebrity starring in the ads. In November 2013, Beckham was appointed the Las Vegas Sands ambassador to promote the company’s casinos in Singapore and Macau.

After this information was revealed, at first, the company refused to explain why the launch was halted. However, it finally stated that it was necessary to postpone the press event because of “technical complexity in adapting this internationally produced, high-quality TV commercial to various media platforms at our properties.” The company further stated that if it had allowed the event to take place on February 12, the experience would not have met its high standards of quality.

However, hours later, after this statement was released, the company stated that the launch would take place on February 13 in Macao and Greater China as was planned. The TV commercial was given the green light, as were print ads and outdoor, digital, and social media advertising.

It is not known if Venetian Macao has launched an investigation in regard to the leaking of the David Beckham video.

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