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Mr Green Live Beyond Live ExperienceMr Green Casino has launched Live Beyond Live in partnership with NetEnt, an all new and exclusive 3D live virtual casino experience.

Considered to be the next wave of online gaming, Mr Green unveiled the new immersive and “large than life” virtual studio experience at ICE Totally Gaming 2018, which took place in London last week.

The 3D virtual live casino offering is unique in a number of ways. For starters, it is equipped with blue screen technology to simulate an experience that is true to life. Instead of seeing only the liver dealer directly in front of them on their screen, players will be able to view an entire virtual casino floor that consists of four tables: two roulette tables and two blackjack tables.

Players can move between the tables within the environment and each table shows a different angle of the room. They will be also see people walking around on the floor and see other players betting in the background at other tables.

Plus, in addition to improved audio, thanks to the blue screen, the current Live Beyond Live studio has been designed to look like a penthouse In Los Angeles, California. Outside the windows is the city and players will also see helicopters and airplanes flying by.

Mr Green has exclusive right to the product for 12 months

NetEnt and Mr Green reportedly began collaborating on the project last year after a meeting during ICE 2017.

According to NetEnt CEO Per Eriksson, back in 2013, NetEnt had developed some of the framework for the technology behind the product, but some of the features were too advanced for the market at that time.

Now, having partnered with Mr Green, the development costs were split between both parties, and Mr Green secured exclusive rights to the product for 12 months.

The studio for the product is based in Malta and the live blackjack and roulette tables are managed by 30 dealers.

Mr Green Ltd CEO Jesper Karrbrink stated:

“We had a vision of being more entertaining. We want to be the most entertaining casino out there. We all know that the live casino is growing like crazy, it is where the people want to be and we want to take that further so we came up with this idea, Live Beyond Live.”

Presently, the new immersive 3D virtual live casino experience can be enjoyed exclusively at Mr Green and only via mobile. A desktop solution for the product is expected to be launched during the second quarter of 2018.

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