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Online players will be very happy to know that at last there’s someone fighting for their cause. Despite the popularity of online gambling, it’s often paired with great annoyance and disappointment in some gambling operators. Their infrastructures aren’t always in favour of the players, even leading to some not getting access to their winnings. From 31 October, that’s all about to change.

 31 October’s New Gambling Legislation Ensures Fairness and Safe Gaming

A huge motivation behind these changes is a decline in support for online gambling. In some instances, it has become too risky for consumers to take part. One example is vulnerable individuals (e.g. children and young people) who can become victims in the current system.

Everyone made their grievances clear and the UK Gambling Commission responded. The rules come into play at the end of this month. Gaming operators must now quickly revise their methods and streamline some processes.

The Rules

But will a few rules make a difference? It seems the UK Gambling Commission realized the scope of consumers’ problems because the rules encompass many important aspects:

  • Operators must abide by advertising codes set out by the UK, which wasn’t previously necessary.
  • All operators must take full responsibility for the actions of third party vendors, even their marketing affiliates.
  • The operators must adhere to consumer laws. These guidelines specifically relate to customers’ fund withdrawals and online promotions. Currently, there are considerable problems and unfair activities relating to the latter, where promoters mislead consumers via advertising. Operators will now have to act more fairly and be transparent.
  • The complaints processes must be revised so customers will have matters tended to sooner, within as little as eight weeks. No complaints may be left hanging indefinitely anymore.
  • The commision won't tolerate electronic spamming.


The Result

A read through quickly shows that this is a set of rules that will surely motivate disillusioned players to pursue these activities once again. Now they can have greater peace of mind. There is now less risk of a promoter not paying out winnings. If you do have a complaint you have the right to complain to higher powers if it’s not dealt with promptly.

Of course, much of the legislation has been in existence for a long time, but now gaming operators are forced to follow suit. The rules also give the Gambling Commission the authority to take action if an operator doesn’t live up to expectations. They can now be punished, even in the form of fines.

Luckily the Commission also helps the promoters get their infrastructures in order. The entity published content advice on how online gambling hosts can develop their systems to adhere to the new requirements. However, the Commission expects each promoter to take initiative and responsibility in this situation. They must all become familiar with the new guidelines and act appropriately. For many, the change will be to simply make it their first priority at all times, to treat customers fairly. A new approach in their business plans can make all the difference.

When that becomes a reality, many players are sure to enjoy the industry optimally once again.

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