New Jersey Lottery Pick 3 Offers Green Ball Double Draw Promotion

New Jersey Lottery Pick 3 Offers Green Ball Double Draw Promotion

Who doesn’t dream of becoming instantly rich by winning the lottery? This month the New Jersey Lottery Pick 3 drawing offers players even better chances to win on its most popular online game. From March 10 until March 30, lottery players can take advantage of the “Green Ball Double Draw” promotion on the Pick 3 Game. Since it started back in 1977, Pick 3 has become the state’s longest running and most popular lottery games.

The Green Ball Double Draw promotion offers more opportunities for players to win:

Each night, after the normal Pick 3 drawing, another drawing will follow from a separate machine with 6 white balls and 1 green ball. If the green ball is drawn, there will be another drawing of Pick 3 numbers, giving players a second chance to win.

If a white ball is drawn, it will be removed, and another drawing will take place the following night from the remaining 5 white balls and 1 green ball. A white ball will be removed until the green ball is chosen. Each time the green ball is drawn, all seven balls are replaced. The promotion guarantees that at least 3 green balls will be drawn during the 3 week promotion.

New Jersey lottery players can get the results of the Pick 3 drawing at, the New Jersey Lottery Facebook Page, or on CBS stations: WLNY 10/55 and CW Philly 57. Powerball and Mega Millions drawings can be seen on WABC TV stations.

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