New UK Online Gambling Restrictions May Happen Soon

New UK Online Gambling Restrictions May Happen Soon

The UK online gambling industry, which is now worth an estimated £4.5 billion, has experienced plenty of legal turbulence over the past few months. Gambling operators with UK licenses, such as BGO, having been under fire from the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) and fined for advertising promotions with misleading information. Now, the UK's Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is accusing gambling site operators of engaging in unfair customer conduct and possibly breaking consumer law.

The competition watchdog teamed up with the UKGC to investigate online gambling operators back in October. The investigation resulted after the CMA had received an estimated 800 complaints from angry customers who believed they were deceived by promotional offers and were unable to withdraw their money when they demanded it.

Although no specific gambling companies involved in the report have yet been named, the CMA found that customers of these sites were not receiving the deal as advertised from sign-up promotions and that the site operators were unfairly holding on to the players' money.

The CMA believes that violations have occurred in the UK online gambling industry and offending firms will be instructed to fix their behaviors or they may face fines or even have their licenses revoked by the UKGC. Should companies not comply, the CMA can take them to court.

Nisha Arora, CMA Senior Director for Consumer Enforcement said: "We know online gambling is always going to be risky, but firms must also play fair." Arora added that "Sadly, we have heard this isn’t always the case. New customers are being enticed by tempting promotions only to find the dice are loaded against them."

Going forward, companies operating in the UK online gambling industry who are discovered not complying with consumer law, will be found in breach of their UKCG operating license.

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