Starting on 12th April, PLAY’n GO seeks to make your screen creamy

bakers treat slot play-n-goAs from the 12th of April 2018, a brand new Baker Treat Game will be launched. With the new game, players will have the opportunity of winning amounts reaching up to five thousand times the initial bet amount.

To make it friendly to all interested players, the game allows a minimum stake of 0.15. The maximum allowed bet amount is 75. With the game’s ability to complete winnings of up to five thousand times the initial bet amount, it means that you can win a good sum of 750. Now imagine how much the possible winning amount would be if the initial betting amount was 75. The amount is crazy.

A quick peek into the game’s ingredients revealed that the game would consist of a 5 reels and 3 rows slot machine. The game’s interface has been made user-friendly to allow for easier understanding and navigation. This PLAY’n GO game is set up to give the real baking experience. With well-dressed tables and colored cakes, one cannot help but appreciate the effort put into designing the game.

The PLAY’n GO game will also allow up to 15 pay lines. With the new game, all the players will have a chance to try their luck in the free spin bonus round. This bonus spin round is represented by three flour power spins and carrot cakes. Each bonus round is represented by one carrot cake. Lucky winners have their cakes ice as an indication of a winning bet.

With the new PLAY’n GO game, you are now allowed to stay at home and bake the whole day. Based on your efforts, you may have a fully stacked, well-iced cake by the end of the day. Unlike other games that seem to be too masculine that they put off ladies, this game has been designed to have an appeal to ladies too. Though it may seem to have feminine themes, it is sure to have the attention of all men on the basis of possible wins.

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