Poker Software Companies Merge to Form Max Value

Poker Software Companies Merge to Form Max Value

Third party poker software companies in the US, Hold’em Manager and Poker Tracker have both agreed to merge. The merger means the formation of a new company called Max Value Software LLC. The goal of this merger is to join efforts in the field of poker tracking and statistics. Efforts such as talent, technology and assets will be shared in order to maximise benefits for both companies. They both hope that this merger will ensure that they have the ability to provide superior online poker software.

Jim Varnon from Hold’em Manager said the following on the merger “We believe that this merger allows us to better represent our customers in the market and to ultimately provide better software and tools for the average online poker player.”

For the most part the changes are expected to take place behind the scenes. Steven McLoughlin, who will be responsible for the marketing of Max Value, said that the merger has been established in order to benefit the users from both companies, whilst also maintaining both brands competitive edge.

The merger will not affect any pricing for Poker Tracker or Hold’em Manager. Both companies work hard to keep the cost of their software as low as possible, and they maintain that this will still be the case. It is for their benefit too that the pricing remains low and at a competitive level, ultimately ensuring that they sell more licenses

One aspect that will be improved upon in this merger is Cloud functionality, this platform ensures that players are able to use the Cloud to host their databases, allowing them to have access to this from any computer.  PokerTracker said the following “even more resources will be dedicated to the launch of the Cloud platform and it will soon be available to both PokerTracker and Hold’em Manager suites.”


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