South Africa Online Gambling Bill to Be Revived

South Africa Online Gambling Bill to Be Revived

Democratic Alliance shadow minster of trade and industry, Geordin Hill-Lewis, is confident that a new South Africa online gambling bill will pass this year. Hill-Lewis introduced his Remote Gambling Bill in 2014 as a private member’s bill and is seeking to expand South Africa’s online betting options, which currently only allows online sports betting. Hill-Lewis intends to revive the bill under the National Gambling Amendment of 2008.

The Casino Association of South Africa issued a statement of support for the bill and has urged the government to start legislating for online gambling and sports betting products and services, for South African consumers.

If passed, the new bill will enable the nine South African provinces to expand their role in the issuing and regulation of remote betting and gambling licenses. This would mean the South Africa online gambling market would be monitored and required to adhere to practices and codes that are set by the South African National Gambling Board.

Hill-Lewis’s Remote Gambling Bill and its new amendments will be put forward to the South African Parliament in February, when hearings re-open.

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