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Don’t Draw A Blank On The Blankety Blank Slot Review

An homage to that game show we all used to love, this slot takes us back in time. As always with time travel, things can become rather confused, and the Blankety Blank slot game features can get a little confusing, along with the too bright symbols. Nice free spins are available, with decent enough rewards.

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It’s The Cool Bananas Slot Review, With A Curve

This 888 Gaming slot serves up a healthy alternative to play. Cool Bananas slot has cute graphics and nice multipliers on the free spins feature, but no bonus game to liven things up even more. The prizes are decent enough to make this worth trying out.

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It’s the Sale Of The Century Slot Review

Who doesn’t like a nice gameshow? And what’s better than one from back in the day, a nice old school gameshow. While you reminisce about the good old days, you can win prizes, coins and free spins. The bonus features make this slot a real treat.

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