Donald Trump

The 10 Most Amazing High Roller Casino Stories

At casinos, regular people like us might get free drinks for gambling away our hard-earned money, but it is the high rollers who the casinos really count on to build their enormous profits. High rollers, who have budgets ranging from $100k to $1m, and especially the biggest casino whales, whose budgets can run into the tens of millions, are the real customers that casinos do just about everything to bring in the door. With that kind of money being thrown around, there are certainly some amazing high roller gambling stories; here are the 10 best. Akio Kashiwagi Akio Kashiwagi, a...

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The Life Of Donald Trump

Donald John Trump, Sr. was born on June 14th 1946 in Queens, New York. Trump is a very well-known name throughout the world today and has proven to be an excellent example of an American success story. Donald Trump has become a household name for the following reasons: His keen eye for highly profitable business ventures and investments His creation of the Trump Empire His role in the reality shows titled ‘The Apprentice’ as well as ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’. His role on this show made him famous for the following saying: ‘You’re fired’. He is the chairman and CEO...

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