You Don’t Know Jack! The Story of Playing Cards

Whether it’s the instant thrill of a winning a hand of Blackjack or the quiet tension of a Poker game, the excitement of cards attracts players for all kinds of reasons. Beginning in the far reaches of the Orient and ending up on the tables of every casino, a simple deck of playing cards has quite a long story. Made In China Tea, paper, fireworks, and noodles all come from China originally, and cards prove no exception. The earliest playing cards originate in China dating back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907) when the Chinese played with card tiles made...

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Swiffpay Casino Payment Method Review

Swiffpay is a clever online casino payment method that a lot of online casinos are missing out on. Whilst it is still working on its launch in Europe, the USA, Canada and South America, this will simply give online casinos more time to sign up and start using this innovative mobile payment solution that keeps your card transactions secure and simple.

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Take a Trip to the Europa Casino Online

If you could travel to Europe and play in a casino, your experience would feel a lot like this. The Europa Casino online, play over 400 casino games right from the comfort of your own home. From Live Casino to Progressive Jackpots, this online casino has the total package.

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