The Best Scenes in Casinos in James Bond Movies

With the new James Bond movie Spectre in theatres, this action-packed movie franchise is once again making headlines as fans of the James bond films celebrate the release of the 24th Bond movie. Like the others that came before it, Spectre is bound to impress, wow, and deliver the unique thrill ride that can only come from a 007 film. However, while it is sure to be entertaining, some may wonder if the movie will feature a casino scene, like many of the other bond films that have come before it. Why would this matter? Aside from providing viewers...

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Do not miss our next competition: the Casino Movie Quiz

If you‘re a big film buff, the Casino Movie Quiz is perfect for you! With our newest quiz, you will not only have the opportunity to show off your movie knowledge to your friends, but you will also compete for incredible prizes like a Google Chromecast or a casino movie t-shirt. In order to participate, no purchase or deposit is necessary. Simply provide your full name and valid email address and take the quiz. Score high on the quiz and you could be a prize winner! If you would like to improve your winning chances or if you simply...

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Break Out the Popcorn for Must See Casino Movies

Casinos provide the perfect setting for any film. Beautiful women, glowing neon lights, sophisticated card players combined with the thrill of high stakes gambling all create the perfect storm for a good casino movie. You can find many gambling, casino, and Las Vegas movies. Break out the popcorn and enjoy our list of the best gambling movies. Casino Listen to me very carefully. There are three ways of doing things around here: the right way, the wrong way, and the way that *I* do it. You understand? Put together a cast like Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, and Sharon...

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Mark Wahlberg Stars In The Upcoming Film, The Gambler

The Gambler, a film featuring Mark Wahlberg that is set to be released in certain theatres on December 19 and then more widely released on January 2 2015. This movie is a remake of the original 1974 film, starring James Caan. In This movie, Wahlberg plays Jim Bennett, a literature professor with a gambling addiction. It has been rumoured that Wahlberg cut 60 pounds for his role in this film. James Caan had the following to say about the role, “it’s not easy to make people care about a guy who steals from his mother to pay gambling debts”...

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Cannes Film Festival Adds Movie about French Casino Heiress

Recently, the Cannes Film Festival (May 14-25) announced the addition of a movie based on the mysterious disappearance of French casino heiress, Agnès Le Roux. L’Homme qu’on aimait trop (In the Name of my Daughter) directed by André Téchiné stars Guillaume Canet, Catherine Ceneuve, and Adèle Haene. The drama tells the story of the Agnès Le Roux case which has remained unsolved since 1977. Le Roux was the daughter of the owner of one of Nice’s most luxurious casinos, the Palais de la Mediterranée, in the French Riviera. She vanished in 1977 at the wheel of her white Range...

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Best Casino Wins As Seen On The Big Screen

The glitz and glamour of casinos goes hand in hand with Hollywood and the movie scene. Some of our favourite actors and actresses have made their mark on us while winning big at the casino in front of our very eyes, in full HD splendour. Rain Man - Counting Cards at The Blackjack Table One of my favourite films from childhood, that was my first lesson in playing Blackjack was the iconic Rain Man. This touching film from 1988 (the best year for movies, no?) pictured Dustin Hoffman as the autistic older brother of a young, flashy Tom Cruise....

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