Sherlock Holmes

Venture to Play Victorian Villain Slot

The Victorian Villain Slot takes inspiration from Sherlock Holmes. It’s theme references a crime mystery which takes place during the Victorian era. Characters on the reels wear period clothing. Play Victorian Villain to experience the suspense and thrill of a Sherlock Holmes novel, and still receive lots of bonus prizes.

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Slots Craze Launches Garfield Slot

The Facebook and iOS social casino studio by Bwin Party makes a new addition to the current family with the Garfield slot. This joins Casper The Friendly Ghost, Sherlock Holmes and the cast of The Wizard of Oz on the Slots Craze roster. Slots Craze has been installed over 1 million times since the beginning of 2013 and seems to have highly engaged players. More than half of new players returned the following day. Over 150 million spins have been spun and over 14 trillion virtual coins have been won. Everybody can relate to Garfield, most especially his creator,...

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