UK Bans Daily Star Wins TV Ad for Offensive Content

UK Bans Daily Star Wins TV Ad for Offensive Content

The Bear Group Ltd.'s UK TV ad for its white-label online casino brand Daily Star Wins has turned out to be a giant fail. The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) banned the "Star Wins 30" television advert produced by the gambling operator, deeming it to be in breach of the UK gambling services promotional standards for having linked gambling to sexual success, seduction or enhanced attractiveness.

The ad was pulled after the ASA received complaints that the ad was offensive for being "sexist" and for "objectifying women" and because the ASA itself questioned the integrity of the advert, feeling that it suggested that betting can improve consumers' "personal qualities and attractiveness."

The TV spot was created by Channel 5 and aired in January

It starts with two young men in a bar, who access Star Wins via their mobile phone. They are transported to the virtual casino world where they encounter the female staff of the casino who are wearing gold-sequined dresses. During this time the voiceover says, "For you card sharks, we've got real female croupiers who can handle that", and one of the women passes between the two men to join her fellow gold-sequenced dancing staff mates. The men watch her walk away with one smiling to the other.

The two guys proceed to make their way to the Roulette table where more women are waiting as the voiceover says, "Or if Roulette is your thing, we'll put you in a spin 24/7." This voiceover combined with the sexy looking women as well as the last scene where the men are shown as winners with a cheering crowd around them, left a bad taste in the mouth of the ASA.

However, the Bear Group defended its ad stating that at no point does the advert highlight sexual allusion by its actors and that there was no direct interaction between the two men and the casino staff. Furthermore, the gambling operator stated that the two men were purposely left in their everyday clothes throughout the ad to avoid glamorizing gambling.

In spite of their argument, the ASA disagreed and ordered for the Daily Star Wins ad not to be shown in its current form.

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