UK mobile bank finds a way to curb gambling related transactions

mobile casino banking methodsIn an effort to control gambling, mobile banks have come up with a new strategy that allows customers to block any gambling related transactions.

According to the recent statistics, gambling addiction has affected approximately 528,000 people in the UK. In a bid to tackle this issue, mobile banks Monzo and Starling have included the option for customers to block any transactions that involve gambling.

In the past, anyone who had a gambling problem had to speak to the betting provider in order to ban themselves from gambling. This new strategy allows the customers to switch on a feature using their app, which prevents the card from being accepted. Once the block has been activated, every time someone uses their card in a gambling registered place, it will be rejected.

When the customers want to switch off the feature they will have to follow a series of steps before being allowed to make payments again. The steps include answering questionnaires on their health and having to wait for 48 hours before the block is officially switched off. The customers will also receive a message urging them to seek aid from the National Gambling Helpline.

Such an initiative can be the first step in helping people with gambling problems because financial issues tend to be one of the key problems for people suffering from gambling addiction.

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