UK Gambling Commission Warns Operators

UKGC SignThe new rules that have been set aside by the UK Gambling Commission restrict operators who don’t treat consumers fairly, which comes into force from 31st October 2018. The new laws have follow up consultations that protect consumers from companies that mistreat them.

These changes will mean that:

  • Taking action on the gaming industries who break the advertising rules by imposing fines against the companies.
  • The firms face stern action for advertising failings by third-party
  • It will be much easier to take action for the breaches of consumer law (such as unfair and misleading practices or unreasonable restrictions on withdrawals)
  • Firms will provide a better complaint process, which includes an eight-week deadline for complaints to be resolved.
  • Stern action can also be taken against gambling firms that send ‘spam’ marketing emails or texts.

These new laws will take effect on 31st October 2018.

Neil McArthur, the gambling commission chief executive, said:

“Our chief concern is protecting the interests of the consumers, which should be the interests of the gambling operators. These changes will ensure that all the consumers are protected from irresponsible advertising and misleading promotions, to ensure that they can withdraw their money more efficiently, and it means that the firms have to deal with the complaints much faster than before."

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