Will English Themed Casino Come to Vegas?

Will English Themed Casino Come to Vegas?

Vegas has a reputation for its ultra-modern casino resorts and flashing street signs. Now the desert gambling hub will go back to basics by building an English themed casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

…Or at least that was the rumor this week after tabloid magazine the Daily Mirror posted a satirical article claiming that a British casino would open in Vegas. In an article better suited for The Onion, the Mirror’s fictional casino was named Ye Olde England Casino and promised over the top kitsch as its main attraction.


Cocktail waitresses in police helmets, refreshment booths under giant black cabs and red telephone boxes serving coffee and pastries are all on their way to Las Vegas. Ye Olde England Casino will also feature a menu offering pie and mash, steak and kidney pudding and fish and chips. Work on the scheme is due to start later this year. Around 450,000 British tourists are expected to visit the US city in 2014.


The article went on to include a fabricated quote from the city council.


Las Vegas council official Sandy Martinez said: “It’s been a while coming, but so many of our visitors are from the UK this can only be a good opportunity. Everyone loves your Royal Family and the polite nature of the people, so this is a project which is way overdue. Many other nationalities are already represented here.”


Las Vegas already features location themed casino resorts including The Venetian and The Paris Las Vegas with a replica Eifel Tower. For now, it looks like Sin City will have to go on without a casino from the Brits.

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