Yggdrasil and Fantasma Games Set to Upgrade Slots As We Know it


‘Two is better than one’. Some may say this is a cliché but it’s the truth. Thanks to this slots players can prepare to enjoy their games more than ever before. This will be the result of the recent partnership between Yggdrasil and Fantasma Games studio. The combined resources have players excited about what’s to come.

Innovative Slots Experiences Thanks to a Dynamic Partnership

Yggdrasil (YGS Masters-a gaming solutions supplier) launched as recently as March this year. Now it’s already making waves in the online gaming industry. Its goal is to partner with existing games studios. They want to expose players to high quality games on the Yggdrasil platform. After this partnership there are already three major role players that create content for the Yggdrasil crowd.

The benefit of this partnership is that the Fantasma studio is passionate about creating more than simple slots games. The gaming world inspires them. This translates into more engaging, interactive and memorable slots games for online players.

For Fantasma who is relatively new in the industry this is an opportunity to enhance their impact. They can reach more online players and show the world what they can do. They’re located in Stockholm and according to Frederick Johansson (Fantasma CEO) they can now look forward to expand their reach across Europe. The young company will benefit from partnering with a trendsetter such as YGS Masters. A huge YGS drawcard is its promotional tools, BOOST. It enables the platform to reach more players; a huge benefit for any new gaming developer.

When can you expect these games on your YGS platform? As early as 2019 Fantasma’s games will launch on Yggdrasil’s screens. If you’re looking to spice up your slots experience, just be patient a little longer. An exciting future lies ahead thanks to these two companies.

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