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I’m absolutely loving’s choice of software and heavy duty graphics. The interface is simple and yet hits the spot. As far as the music score goes, they settle it fairly well and, there are a whole host of other perks you can enjoy at the online casino. I would definitely recommend this to anyone from a newbie to someone looking for some serious bonus play. – A Dot Com To Rule All Others? was established by its parent company, Mansion in 2004. boasts 1.5 million members since launch and is played in over 189 countries worldwide. software is available in 46 languages, covering Europe, South America and Asia. Software and Graphics

The interface is slick and the sounds even slicker. The same crazy merry go round style of music for games such as Gladiator slots features lines from the film and a short, sharp, sweet sound of winning and hitting the jackpot.
Playtech casino software gives you the grip you need to play professionally. One of the team as VegasMasters collective favourites, it is not that we are biased towards this software, more that we know a stylish, decent software when we see one.

The frequent pop-ups giving you suggestions for which game to play are slightly infuriating but, predicts this with a button you can tick saying not to show this pop-up again. That is one button that definitely gets a tick from this reviewer.

In a cutesy move, a nice British female voice guides you through the table games, as if you were in a real casino and, this finds favour in my eyes (it's a lot less annoying than those dratted pop-ups).

Individual games download quickly and easily and, the software lets you carry on with other games while you wait, instead of making you watch a circle go around and around, which is a huge plus in my book. Marvel Roulette is one of my favourites on here, you can hear the ball rolling on the wooden wheel and landing in the groove and, added to the guiding voice, it makes for an easy, enjoyable play. Safari Heat is one of this month's top games and, it certainly is hotting up in this jungle! The sound of the African styled drums as you spin gives this game an air of trekking through the safari in a jeep with no air conditioning and spotting exotic animals. 

Graphics are everything you would expect from the blissful Playtech software and, all the slots are nicely animated and, as I mentioned, even the music and sounds aren't too bad, despite online casino's notorious lack of musical imagination. Payment Methods and Customer Care Review payment methods are full and varied. Categorised and listed neatly into their different types, you have pretty much all your bases covered. Most notable payment methods works with are Skrill, Neteller, Moneybookers and Entropay - the virtual Visa card as it is known.

The customer care policy goes something like this " also offers comprehensive support in Europe and is focused on providing the best and most comprehensive online casino gaming platform in our members' own language."
Funnily enough, they have numbers for most of Europe and even South Africa, Canada and Australia to call if they want to hear a voice at the other end, giving them support. offers regular customers dedicated casino hosts for that top tier level of service and, if you fancy improving your online gaming IQ, they offer a casino school database to help you brush up on your knowledge.

Individual games download quickly and easily and, the software lets you carry on with other games while you wait, instead of making you watch a circle go around and around, which is a huge plus in my book.

It's a Bonus with Promotions on the Side.

In a rather nifty move, has a notification button next to its social media buttons that shows you current available promotions you can take advantage of. This makes me feel like the promotions are mine based on my progress as a member and, adds an air of facebook to the whole procedure, with the little red icon showing the number of notifications waiting just for me.

Deposit £400 and a bonus will match you, pound for pound. There is also a £3,200 bonus up for grabs, just for being part of this online casino. A daily target bonus leaves room to practice and a crazy £4,000 cashback that you have got to see to believe!


Review Summary

-Excellent Software
-Wide range of games and payment methods
-Annoying pop-ups (not all of them can be turned off)
-Does not accept Amex


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  1. Porninexpent

    I absolutely love playing Marvel games. The best part about is that I can play Marvel slots like Fantastic Four and The Incredible Hulk from my iPhone.

    • Ithencinde38 also has some Marvel games that aren’t slots. I really like the X-men scratch card game. I get a lot of big wins and the game is super easy to understand.

  2. Eigerstand75

    I couldnt agree more. My favorite Marvel slot at is Captain America. you should try it out, I think its available on Mobile too.

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