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Warlords Crystals of Power Slot Makes For a Fascinating Game 95%

Warlords Crystals of Power

NetEnt does it again, with a slot machine that brilliantly succeeds at capturing the charm of RPG videogames. Its original theme and lucrative nature make it a great choice for those who see…

Royal Vegas Casino

Royal Vegas Casino has been providing dedicated casino players with the finest Microgaming titles for 17 years. Its collection of games now exceeds 300 slots, table games and video pokers, a…


Endorphina casino software offers an exceptional suite of high-definition Bitcoin casino games designed for both flash and mobile gaming platforms. Its dynamic and thrilling games are equipp…


Daopay has quickly taken over the world as a leading banking system in its own right. They currently provide their banking service to 3 billion customers worldwide in 200 countries. As a cas…

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  • "Casinos are specifically laid out to be disorienting and make you get lost so you keep playing. When you first walk in, pick a good landmark which can help you find the exit again."

  • "You win in blackjack when the sum of your cards equals twenty-one or less and you beat the dealer. You beat the dealer when you have a higher hand or the dealer goes over twenty-one."

  • "When a dealer has an ace as their visible card, they will ask for insurance bets and then check if they have a blackjack. If they do, everyone loses. If not, play continues as normal."

  • "The minimum bet at a roulette table is per bet, not per player. Therefore, if the table minimum is $10, every bet made must be $10 or more. Combined bets don't count towards the minimum."

  • "Casino results are expressed as probabilities, usually as a decimal amount between zero and one where zero is impossible and one always happens. For example, the chance of a flipped coin being tails is 0.5."


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