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Mr Play Casino

Mr Play has all the qualities needed to thrive in the competitive online casino industry, despite being one of its newest members. With the backing of top software developers and a lot of at…

Frighteningly Fun Jurassic World Slot Machine 92%

Jurassic World

Jurassic World is still certainly capable of providing players with sudden wins and T-Rex sized ones at that. Like the films, Microgaming's newest release is very much a slot that everyone c…


Endorphina casino software offers an exceptional suite of high-definition Bitcoin casino games designed for both flash and mobile gaming platforms. Its dynamic and thrilling games are equipp…


Change in the status quo can be daunting, but Bitcoin has utilized our love of the internet and all things open source to give us an entirely new payment method. Bitcoin online casinos are t…

  • Find the Way to Daopay Casino Payment


    Find the Way to Daopay Casino Payment

  • Cash Your e-Checks with iGM-Pay Casino Payment


    Cash Your e-Checks with iGM-Pay Casino Payment

  • Banking on the Go with the iPoint Casino Payment Method


    Banking on the Go with the iPoint Casino Payment Method

  • "In the nineteenth century, immigrant labourers from China introduced keno, which would eventually become video keno, to the United States. Because of its origins, it was called the 'Chinese Lottery' at the time."

  • "It's far too common for players who win to keep playing, reasoning that they are playing with the house's money. But it's not the house's money, it's yours. Always remember that."

  • "Playing at a full roulette table is far better than playing at an empty one because it reduces the number of spins you see per hour while qualifying you for better comps through longer play."

  • "Every reel on a slot machine has a certain number of stops which contain either symbols or nothing. While machines with physical reels usually have 22 stops, virtual slot machines can have hundreds of stops."

  • "Slot machines have been around since 1887 when San Francisco inventor Charles Fey built a machine featuring three wheels decorated with symbols like diamonds, hearts, and bells, which triggered the jackpot."