Alice And The Mad Tea Party

It’s OK, we’re all crazy here at VegasMaster – about slot machine bonus features that is! Despite a cartoonish exterior and annoying music, Alice & The Mad Tea Party slot hide a whole bouquet of bonus features and triggers to really help you rake in the coins. It’s just a question of sticking with the madness long enough to start seeing through the deceptive colourful, delicate graphics, to the solid wins available on the reels.

Go Crazy for Alice and The Mad Tea Party Slot Review

If Alice in Wonderland and her mad tea parties with hatters and hares and talking, animated cards were turned into a Disney cartoon, with a little extra enchanted forest, this would be its blueprint.

Graphics and Sound

Within seconds of beginning to review Alice and The Mad Tea Party slot, I was frantically looking for the mute switch. The music is delicately mind numbing, along with the cartoonised Alice and insanely colourful mad hatter with his newly envisioned rainbow striped top hat.

Still, £123.60 extra quid for just a minute or two or madness is not something I am going to turn my nose up at!

A deep purple makes the information box attractive and focuses the eye, amongst the spring forest and sun rays peeking through the trees atop the 5-reels and 30-paylines Alice and The Mad Tea Party slot enjoys.

Alice's name features as one of the symbols on the reels, presumably in case she forgets it during her fall down the rabbit whole. Her blonde animated smiling self holding a cup of tea, a rabbit with trumpet in hand to warn of new arrivals and a hatter with yet another mad coloured hat on also join in on our crazy reels full of coins.

Potions, cake and a tea set that looks like its hiding a genie or two join in, along with the obligatory colourful 4 suites of cards - hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds.

Alice and The Mad Tea Party Bonus Features

There's a range of different bet amounts available, from 0.01 a line to 0.05 a line, in addition to a feature bet available.

The Super MAD Respin will lead to a tale of 3 teapots, each with a different amount of Spins to award you. All you Alice symbols will stay wild on the reels and help increase your winning chances at Alice & The Mad Tea Party slot. Be careful though, you may get stuck in the loop of teapot picking and winning for quite a while, or at least until it drives you mad. Still, £123.60 extra quid for just a minute or two or madness is not something I am going to turn my nose up at!

All your favourite companions to Alice are accounted for and there are many more extra bonus features with some serious prizes to be won, if you can stand the inane atmosphere provided here.

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