As the Reels Turn: Episode 1

This game is exquisite and, I cannot wait to see what the next episodes bring us. The graphics are opulent, even the sounds are fresh and exciting. No music is there to ruin things, just the hustle bustle chatter of a bust casino that is letting you peek behind the scenes and see what really goes on. As The Reels Turn Episode 1 slot game is inspired gaming.

As The Reels Turn Episode 1 Slot Review

As The Reels Turn Episode 1  slot invites us to "Join us now as we begin our journey through the tangled web of the lives of the lovers and losers, the heroes and villains, and the players and pawns at the El Paradiso Casino in the continuing saga As The Reels Turn."

"We're making you an offer you can't refuse," says the mob guys, "You're gonna get great five reel slot play, fun bonus rounds, and, to really melt the cheese on your pizza, you get the inside scoop on what is really happening on the floor and behind the closed doors at the El Paradiso Casino by following the story of As The Reels Turn Episode 1. You'll get to know me and my associates a lot better. And maybe you'll have the smarts to solve a mystery?"

You're gonna get great five reel slot play, fun bonus rounds

This is a real treat of a slot, there is a story, the reels don't just spin your coins into gold, they turn your slot gaming into an adventure.

In the background, you have the hustle and bustle of a real casino to give you the atmosphere and, the intro animations show off the glorious graphics and witty wordplay between the casino owner and his pet piranha, Ivan.

As The Reels Turn Slot Scatter Symbols

Tommy W, our pet piranha Ivan, the bonus coin and "Advance to the Next Sequence" button are the scatter symbols for As The Reels Turn slot game full of mystery and suspense. The sweet little vicious fishy will get you 10 free spins at a 3x multiplier whilst Tommy W and the bonus chip will net you the exciting bonus round that will help get you turned onto the next level of play so you can work your way through the next episodes. Advancing to the next scene is possible with 3 squares of the same name being reeled in.


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