Calling all professors, Welcome! Enter the exclusive attraction online slot machine lab, where magnetic forces of attraction are under experimentation. Actively engage in the experiments as each slot spin generates electromagnetic force fields.

Forces Of Attraction Slot Review

Powered by NetEnt, Attraction video slot software is a 5 reel 10 line slot game that offers players the chance of winning up to 50,000 coins in one single spin. The pivotal element in the Attraction slot game is the Magnet, this magnet ensures your symbols will experience immeasurable forces of attraction.

Law of Attraction Slot Machines Graphics

All those crazy scientists out there will be eager to get into this lab, just don’t touch any of the wrong wires, we wouldn’t want this experiment to shock anyone. Let’s hope the forces of attraction are on our side in this game, after all, the goal is to attract the winning symbols for the highest winning pay lines. The bright colours and the electrifying graphics are thoroughly enjoyable. The electronic beats in the background match the theme and keep things interesting. They also in some way remind me of the typical sounds one hears from the slot machines inside a casino, this made me feel at home right away. Other than the wilds and sticky wilds, symbols in this slot are graphics of various electronic instruments and metal looking numerals.

Attraction Slot Features

Carry out your experiments successfully and you could trigger the Attraction slot machine wilds, sticky wilds and re-spins features just by creating a force of attraction between the magnet and the wild symbol. Wild symbols transform into sticky wild symbols and activate re-spins.

With each unique spin the magnet feature will be activated, the magnet will generate its own pull and locate itself anywhere around the edges of reels. Each time the wild appears on the same reel or row as the magnet, a re-spin will be received along with 1 or more sticky wilds, the wild will receive an electric shock and fire this electricity back in the direction of the magnet. All the symbols along the path to the magnet will be transformed into sticky wilds and ultimately activate the re-spin feature.

Wild symbols transform into sticky wild symbols and activate re-spins.

For every re-spin two magnets are activated. After a re -spin, if the wild appears on the same reel or row as the magnet, players will be awarded 1 or more sticky wild and an additional re-spin feature

Wild symbols appear in the base game and in the re-spins feature but are limited to reels 2,3,4. Sticky wild symbols only make an appearance during a re-spin.

Test the magnetic forces in this scientific approach to attracting large wins.

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