Best Of Luck

My absolute favourite thing about the Best of Luck slot is the music. I ended up playing for far longer than I meant to due to getting carried away with the big amounts on offer and the delightfully inspiring chords. While graphics from Rival aren’t anything spectacular, I certainly recommend this slot for the music and wild jackpots alone.

Best of Luck Slot Review

A hand reaches out to turn a doorknob; we see the door open and the mysterious shadow figure looming at the doorway and see our mystery shrouded character walk inside.

Spiders scuttle over what looks like a white stone coffin and the doorway. The room seems to be inundated. We cut to a treasure chest, also covered in the creepy crawlies. Our silhouetted man opens it, to reveal a blast of shining bright light welcomes us to the Best of Luck slot game.

The music begins eerily and builds into a tempo of soothing and uplifting swirls that seem to promise an uplifting time where you can expect to win many coins repeatedly. It is as if Rival Gaming is wishing each and every one of us the Best of Luck in this 5 reel, 20 payline slot. The music is also soothing and inspiring. I feel like I can hit the Best of Luck slot jackpot here!

Best Graphics?

The graphics, as is almost always the case with Rival slots, are crude and chunkily crafted. A nifty feature I have seen only a few times is where they do not just blur the line between reels but, dispose of it entirely. It looks like a bunch of floating Best of Luck symbols floating on the reels, with no lines to hold them back.

Will They Be Your Lucky Symbols?

A lucky horseshoe, worth a mere 450 coins for 5, a ladybug; the known givers of luck, depending on how many spots are visible, worth 700 coins. The lesser valued symbols of luck, an acorn (which is one I have not heard of before), a wishbone, worth a tiny 40 coins and a lucky penny, worth far more at 175 coins. I am left wondering where the lucky eyelash or the lucky birthday candles on a cake are.

It looks like a bunch of floating Best of Luck symbols floating on the reels, with no lines to hold them back.

There's a poor rabbit's foot here. The amount of rabbit's with odd legs due to our superstitious belief must be too numerous to count. Perhaps in the rabbit world, it is considered good luck to have a human hand, so they can't cut your lucky paw off?
There are also keys to a magical kingdom of luck, accessed through a separate door. Unfortunately, for me keys are not so lucky, the amount of times I have lost mine!

The jade elephant in the room will give you a nice 2500 coins and, an emerald cat's eye will stump up a whopping 7500 coins. The entire cat itself will drive you wild with 10.000 coins though.

Free Spins Make The Best Luck

The subtle bag of gems will bring you lucky free spins for the Best of Luck yet. 3 bags of sparkling emeralds, rubies or mysterious other gems hiding in the bags will release 4 free spins, 4 bags will give you 5 and 5 bags will give you 6.

I mustn't forget to mention the lucky four leaf clover, which Rival didn't seem to think was too lucky, it's only worth a paltry 65 coins. Maybe finding 5 of these won't make you as lucky as you thought!

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