Bulls & Bears

The unique theme idea and clever parallels to the real stock exchange make the Bulls and Bears slot a positive experience overall, but I’m inclined to be a bit more bearish when considering the technical aspects of audio and visual quality. I suppose this slot machine has its ups and downs like any other stock investment.

Bulls and Bears Slot Review – Buy or Sell?

Tired of today’s seemingly endless financial woes? In that case, you ought to be playing at Real Time Gaming’s Bulls and Bears slot where the reels are bullishly eager to pay out. It’s a big like a stock market where you don’t need to pay a broker, and Real Timing Gaming’s reliability means it’ll never crash on you.


Bulls and Bears Slot Bonuses

Having fun at the Bulls and Bears slot machine is all about the New York stock exchange themed symbols and features that give this game its name. The well planned out symbols include safes, wads of cash, bars of gold, and a yacht that only a wealthy stock exchange expert could afford. In order to be someone who can afford such things, you have to always be watching your stocks.

Welcome to the stock exchange floor. The chatter of the brokers is only occasionally mastered by the clanging bell and the yells of, “Sell! Sell!”

Watch out for bull symbol and the bear symbol acting as wild symbols and keep a particular eye on your stock market charts. This is the tool that rally allows you to get wealthy. When you line up three of these informational charts on the same payline, you trigger free spins before which you must choose either the bull or the bear symbol. Every time your chosen symbol appears during free spins, you are awarded an additional free spin. This gives you ample opportunity to earn big cash depending on your prediction if you should buy or sell.


Bulls and Bears Slot Graphics and Sound

Welcome to the stock exchange floor. The chatter of the brokers is only occasionally mastered by the clanging bell and the yells of, “Sell! Sell!” Audio and graphics at the Bulls and Bears online slot machine are certainly theme appropriate. However, while Real Time Game is known for reliable function and good themes, graphics and audio are less their strong suit.

The game is designed pleasantly, but the entire design including all of the symbols is made from cartoonish character drawings. Online gaming holds the promise of much greater visual and audio pleasure than what you’ll find at Bulls and Bears slot machine.

Review Summary

- Creative theme forms a clever parallel to the real stock exchange
- Sound effects engage and draw you into the theme
- basic level of cartoonish graphics


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