Candy Cottage

Whilst this Rival Gaming slot is based on a popular children’s fairy tale, the duck and bread are new. Symbols are thoughtful and, the music is enchanting. There are no real big coin wins here but, free spins are regularly thrown into the mix which should help the coins available roll in.

Candy Cottage Slot Review – Is It Sweet Enough?

Birds chirping, green mountains, a river flows between the lush green hillsides. Then, suddenly, we go deep into the forest, an owl twit twoo's and the mood changes. As it becomes darker we see a candy cottage in the middle of the forest, atop a hill, like a shining beacon of light but, where the sunlight doesn’t seem to quite reach. There are all sorts of treats and sweets making up this cottage. Two happy, pudgy blonde kids skip up to the door, basket in hand between them. As they knock one little fist on the door, it opens to a not so frightening witch cackling away.

The Candy Cottage slot is quite Hansel and Gretelesque, that dark tale of old that we read our children, perhaps to put them off having a sweet tooth? Surely these modern day kids must know not to approach houses made of candy and attempt entry?

Sweet Graphics?

Slot game music seems to be Rival Gaming's speciality, over and above the graphics and, Candy Cottage slot is no exception to this VegasMistress's discovery, which was probably less startling than those poor kids being confronted with a witch in the mouth-watering candy cottage they came across in the woods, after the climb up that steep hill.

There are all sorts of treats and sweets making up this cottage. 

The music is mysterious and dramatic, keeping a tense beat that will have you yearning to spin those Candy Cottage slot 5 reels.

A Box Of Candy Symbols

We have the Hans lookalike, the Gretel lookalike, the basket with a loaf of bread in it, a random duck, a very small bar of chocolate (more like a mouthful), some liquorice allsorts, a round strawberry mint and some colourful dusted candies making up our basic Candy Cottage slot bonus symbols for between 100 to 750 coins.

The hooded witch is worth a whopping 2500 if you spin her on all 5 reels. Her burning fireplace is the Candy Cottage expanding wild symbol and, the cottage itself will give you your free spins with a 3 times multiplier.

Candy Cottage slot bonus round is triggered by the cage symbol. Perhaps this is how the witch traps and keeps her candy after breathing life into it? Alas, the resemblance of the children to the fairy tale of old, the over and the cackle at the beginning of the slot makes me suspect far more sinister uses for this symbol. In a move that will do nothing for childhood obesity, Hansel will receive coins for every piece of candy he manages to catch in this bonus feature.

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