Charms and Clovers

Charms and Clovers slot makes you feel Irish lucky and gets you fully immersed into a realm of mythical creatures. Each spin can result in great payouts and there are also four bonus rounds to make your wildest dreams come true.

Charms and Clovers Slot Lets You Share The Luck of the Irish

Playing Charms and Clovers video slot is like hovering above a pot of gold, waiting for the best moments to claim the prize. There are so many winning combinations and frequent payouts, that every spin creates the sensation that a big win is imminent. The Irish themed slot machine can be played on mobile devices, so you can stay on the move while hunting life-changing payouts.

Any Charms and Clovers slot review will start by celebrating the complex gameplay of this slot featuring 40 pay lines and six reels. With three-tiered progressive jackpots, you don’t have to chase those elusive payouts with nothing else motivating you to press on. The four special Charms and Clovers slot bonus games will keep players at the edge of their seats and provide the sought after adrenaline rush.

Get in the Mood for Big Payouts

The irresistible lure of lucky clovers gets players hooked on the thrills of Charms and Clovers video slot. The subliminal optimistic message will keep players happy and help them enjoy every spin, regardless of outcome. Most of the symbols populating the reels are inspired by Irish folklore, so brace yourself for pots of gold, horseshoes, rainbows and four leaf clovers.

charms and clovers gameplay

It’s the leprechaun that announces imminent payouts of extraordinary proportions. When it appears next to the Charms and Clovers video slots reels, you are entitled to expect something special. With six reels constantly in motion and a total of 40 pay lines, these winnings are easily triggered. Three or more icons aligned on the active pay line will result in multipliers, so the more you bet, the more you win.

Multiply Your Way to Riches

When playing Charms and Clovers slot machine any profits are welcomed with open arms by the lucky winners. As long as you win often enough, the return on investment will provide you with all the reasons to persevere. The best thing is that regular payouts are frequently enhanced by the bet multiplier rewards lurking behind every successful spin. Line bets won’t push you into a corner and place an unnecessarily heavy burden on your bankroll. Bet a few coins or up to one dollar and still enjoying amazing returns.

The gameplay of Charms and Clovers slot is every bit as original as the theme chosen by software developer BetSoft. The extra reel is at the cornerstone of innovation and the sooner you get the hang of it, the more you enjoy the time spent here. Visually delightful, the slot machine can be a bit overwhelming if you are new to slot machines. Diagonal winnings are unexpected even for those who have a keen eye for slot machines. On the other hand, these are the kind of surprises that players are secretly hoping for.

Each row of winning symbol trigger payouts, but some signs pay better than others. The direction of profits is from left to right, so don’t get ahead of yourself just because you see identical symbols next to each other. Charms and Clovers slot has the uncanny ability to surprise even savvy players, time and time again. Keep your eyes on the pay lines and enjoy the ride, and allow the multipliers to change of fortune.

It’s All About Charms and Clovers Slot Bonuses

Online gamblers agree that is not only the amounts you win that matter, but also the manner in which you claim them. The best thing about Charms and Clovers slot machine bonuses is that they come when least expected. Regular video slots have one such bonus rounds at most, but in this case you constantly switch between the four popular variants.

charms and clovers bonus

Charms and Clovers slot bonuses come in four flavors and go by the name of Money Wheel, Mega Symbol, Pots of Gold and Golden Bonus. The first triggers a wheel of fortune littered with multipliers and presents players with the unique chance of winning one of the three jackpots. The software developers chose the best possible name for this bonus round. As soon as the wheels are in motion, a new screen pops out and the wheel of fortune stays true to its name.

If you thought that the multipliers were generous, you’ll be swept off your feet by what this bonus round has to offer. The Money Wheel multipliers frequently go all the way up to 40 times the amount and all three Charms and Clovers progressive jackpots are up for grabs. Nothing is impossible during this mini game and it is by far the best paying bonus to be claimed here.

A World of Free Spins Awaits

The Mega Symbol is actually a sign that can appear on any reels and you only need four of them to trigger a winning combination. Unlike other symbols that can pop up anywhere, you would have to find them all on the sixth reel to receive eight free spins. There is also a mega leprechaun symbol hiding in the dark here and this is a creature of mythical proportions. Compared to regular signs which occupy a single slot, this one will take up to three slots.

Charms and Clovers slot free spins can also be collected during the Pots of Gold bonus rounds. Once again, the maximum number is limited to 8 free spins but the winning opportunities go beyond these bonus rounds. Three additional wild symbols are added on the reels and it’s much easier to trigger winning combinations with these on the menu.

Last but definitely not least, the Golden Bonus is the one triggering payouts up to 20 times the bet, if only players find five pots of gold. This is the final straw and one that doesn’t break the camel’s back. Instead, it will boost your payouts by up to 20 times the amount invested.

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