Cream Of The Crop

I really love this slot from Rival Gaming. Whilst it isn’t the manliest of slots around, the graphics are cute and cheerful, and there are more than enough nifty, innovative ideas to make everything, down to the spinning of the reels, feel fresh. Not to mention the huge coin jackpot available!

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With butterflies and birds flying across the country lane, a flower springs up out of the new, mild brown earth, peppers and other veggie delights also poke their heads up and grow before my eyes. One might be forgiven for thinking autumn was already here in Cream of the Crop slot world.

A gnome pops up from behind a treasure chest, perhaps an indication of the coins I am about to reel in as my treasure.
An extremely cute bunny rabbit pops up, making me instantly forgive Rival Gaming's graphics.

My gorgeous little bunny rabbit is the expanding wild, set to help you win more on this 20-payline slot. 

The music is hopeful and springs eternal in my mind as I spin the floating 5-reels that are not caged in by lines.

Creamy Graphics

The graphics are lively, cute and colourful. Rival Gaming has reached redemption finally with the advent of the cutest bunny springing from the earth. What can I say? I'm a sucker for a bunny. The music compliments the air of autumn, the drawing to a close of summer and holidays. The last languid strokes of those days filled with nothing but hobbies and fun.

In a seriously nifty feature, as you spin the reels, water droplets come down and plant and grow the fruits and veggies.
There's corn on the cob. Radishes, carrots, lemons, lettuce, all coloured peppers (not the spicy ones!), onions and, well, pretty much all the things that make up a good salad. Even sunflowers are edible for that extra healthy goodness!

Cropped Bonus Features?

The pumpkin will give you a nice 750 coin Cream of the Crop slot jackpot, but our yummy sweetcorn will spin you into an outstanding 8888 coins!

My gorgeous little bunny rabbit is the expanding wild, set to help you win more on this 20-payline slot. The Cream of the Crop slot bonus round is set off by the half buried treasure chest symbol. You will see a gnome walk across your screen when you spin your way into the bonus round, and you will be spinning out of control to collect vegetables and find buried treasure. Careful of finding the weed as that will end your bonus game.

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