Desert Treasure

Like finding a diamond sparkling in the sandy desert, such is finding a Playtech slot game that is so playable. The whole theme of the desert and exploration, combined with 25 paylines, free spins and a bonus game that will have you rubbing your hands with glee at all the coins you reap in will have you delightfully spinning these reels.

Dust Off The Desert Treasure Slot Review

Those desert nights, with the wind howling as sand flies everywhere, coating you and your camel in a fine sheet of whatever it is sand is made from (years and years of rocks, bones and other bits and pieces, crushed into nothingness). Amongst this sand and the camels, lies treasure so please, join me on the Desert Treasure review.

It is no secret that I love camels. They are my favourite animal, and many a tantrum was thrown in my younger years about why we couldn't have one as a pet. I even came up with the unbeatable logic that they would make cheap pets, as they could store food and water, so didn’t need feeding and watering so often, and they would cut down on petrol needs, as we could ride them to the local supermarket. Needless to say, my logic never impressed my parents much, who put their feet down (on the petrol pedal, using up far too much for all those supermarket journeys).

There's a nice, relaxing oasis of trees with a little pond in it, my lovely camel and a Bedouin desert dweller in the Desert Treasure slot machine 5 reel, 25 payline slot game. 

Golden high cards of the deck are present here, each with a distinctly desert theme on them (or crawling over them, I should say). These card amounts are covered with lizards, scorpions, beetles, a red snake looking creature, and a green emerald type creepy crawly. I would do some online research to be sure, but Google images would have me terrified and hanging from the ceiling with my nails dug into it, frantically scratching my skin as I felt what I saw crawling round on me.

There's a nice, relaxing oasis of trees with a little pond in it, my lovely camel and a Bedouin desert dweller in the Desert Treasure 5 reel, 25 payline slot game.

Features To Treasure

Our desert beauty is the scatter symbol, there to give you Desert Treasure slot bonus free spins.

The scary smiley golden snake head is wild and will give you up to 10,000 coins if you spin all five reels round and reveal his glowing head.

The map and instruments for finding your way will lead you to a bonus round of intrepid proportions.

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