Diamond Temple

In a Rival Gaming take on Indiana Jones, Jenny Nevada comes equipped with all the old school tech to plunder the Diamond Temple for all it is worth. Not the highest payout game available but, the bonus round is a bit of fun and, the music really does set the atmosphere.

Diamond Temple Slot Review Sparkles

Jenny Nevada and the Diamond Temple slot have arrived in a manner valiantly resembling an Indiana Jones adventure. The music is daringly adventurous itself and certainly sets the mood, making me feel ready for anything. It builds into a climax that is not released until you take your first spin of the Diamond Temple slot game 5-reels.

Diamond Temple slot is a 5 reel, 20 payline offering from Rival Gaming and has chunky, colourful reels, with just an edge of ancient tomb like appeal.

We see Jenny's tools, then an epic view of the girl herself, followed by the airplane that has dropped her near the Diamond Temple itself, to hit the jackpot and succeed on her mission. There is a hungry, rather cute crocodile waiting for her in the river running by the temple.

Diamond Symbols Graphics

Diamond Temple slot machine is a 5 reel, 20 payline offering from Rival Gaming and has chunky, colourful reels, with just an edge of ancient tomb like appeal.

There's everything our heroine needs to complete her mission, the compulsory Stetson hat is worth between 8 and 150 coins, the not so pocket knife and its sheath are worth between 6 and 100 coins. Most definitely tools of the trade for this brave warrioress.

What looks like a bag of diamonds is only worth between 5 and 80 coins and, Rival's inane sense of graphics and random coin allocation may have something to do with my confusion surrounding this Diamond Temple symbol.

We have the temple itself, a revolver, a strange ginger coloured mask, a fancy jeep and binoculars, all for between 4 and 350 coins.

Shining Features In The Diamond Temple

The sacred parchment, rolled in what looks like vine leaves, is one of the highest paying symbols, worth between 50 and750 coins.

The coiled lasso is the highest paying symbol at a whopping 5000 coins if you spin 5 of these.

Our Jenny will trigger up to 50 free spins if spun round on our reels and, the biplane symbol will trigger the Diamond Temple Slot bonus feature round. You will enter the temple and search through all the rooms for riches. But watch out for those booby traps!

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