Blankety Blank

An homage to that game show we all used to love, this slot takes us back in time. As always with time travel, things can become rather confused, and the Blankety Blank slot game features can get a little confusing, along with the too bright symbols. Nice free spins are available, with decent enough rewards.

Don’t Draw A Blank On The Blankety Blank Slot Review

This Blankety Blank slot review will help you explore the world of this TV game show turned online slot, and see whether we could ever find a place in our hearts for it like we did the compelling show from back in the day.

There's that game show fanfare you hear whenever you score a winning line, to ensure you don't forget what the theme is supposed to be.

Blank Graphics

We are faced with shiny seventies style graphics, that brighten up our screens and lend an air of fun to the proceedings. Sharp, multi-coloured graphics are surrounded by hues of purple and are in keeping with the theme of the games show itself.

There are coloured lucky sevens, each with minimal value, but with a definite nod to both Las Vegas gambling machines and the decade this show was broadcast.

Featurey Features

The Blankety Blank slot bonuses are quite convoluted and even when reading how to play in the information tab, don't really make sense. The very fact I had to go to the info tab to see what was going on while I was playing speaks volumes, as it is usually not so difficult to make sense of the slot you are playing!

We are faced with shiny seventies style graphics, that brighten up our screens and lend an air of fun to the proceedings. 

What I have managed to ascertain so far, is that six panellists will appear, along with a question card and five words to choose from. Once you have chosen your answer, the panellists will reveal what they had, and for each word you matched, you will win five free games. Each additional match wins another five Blankety Blank slot free games. After completing the free games, a Supermatch game will open up, giving you a choice of three different multipliers. After choosing one of three panellists, you will win up to a 5x multiplier.

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