Doo Wop Daddy-O

With a Doo Wop here and a Daddy O here, we go back to the 50’s and join an Arnold lookalike diner owner and a cool cat Fonzie replica to spin our reels out of control and collect the coins that come crashing down. With two interesting milkshake style and drag racing bonus rounds on offer, you will enjoy this electric feel.

Doo Wop Daddy O Slot Review

A record spins and a smiling server in peaked cap and glasses serves up a milkshake. One of the coolest trucks from the 50's whizzes past and records fall from the sky. The beats are hip and hot as we are introduced to the Doo Wop Daddy O slot review.

Doo Wop Graphics

There are pink and turquoise electric lights flashing all over the place, and the chatter after the awesome music in the video slot introduction tells us we are in a diner. The occasional buzzing from those electric lights adds a realistic 50's diner feel, as if we were hanging out with The Fonze in Arnolds.

This Doo Wop Daddy O slot has 5-reels and 20 paylines and, whilst the graphics are crude, the atmosphere given to us with the musical introduction and iconic symbols is really something.

Doo Wop Symbols

There's our record symbol, worth between 4 and 50 coins, our duke box, worth between 5 and 65 coins and roller-skates, worth up to 75 coins. The pink poodle, standing in a bit of a pose for such a silly haircut, is worth up to 100 coins.

The occasional buzzing from those electric lights adds a realistic 50's diner feel, as if we were hanging out with The Fonze in Arnolds.

We have our diner characters, from the happy staff who are worth between 150 to 300 coins, all the way to the cool Fonze like quiff, worth a whopping 1000 for 5 of those bad boys.

Daddy O Bonus Features

Scatter everyone, here comes a cool motorcycle, worth a miniscule 200 coins but, revving into place as our Doo Wop Daddy O slot bonus scatter symbol.

Our Wild Diner symbol is the wild card in the mix and, you'll get a humungous 15,000 coins if you spin 5 of these into place.

In a nifty bonus feature, there are two different ones you can trigger.

The milkshake symbols will leave you in charge of the diner, providing the correct drinks to the customers, for coins. The truck symbol will place you in a drag race where you will be rewarded with coins.

Review Summary

-Huge coin wins on the wild symbol
-Two fun bonus rounds
-No free spins


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  • Music

  • Rival Gaming

  • 5 Reels

  • 20 Paylines

  • Released in 2010

  • 94 %

  • Max Coins Per Line: 10

  • Min Coins Per Line: 1


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  • Bonus Games

  • Autoplay

  • Wild Symbol

  • Scatter Symbol

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