This is an exquisitely thought out game with top quality graphics that captures your attention and manages to keep you hooked. Apart from my personal issues with the poor little farmed, electrocuted chickens and the proud puffed up hens smashing their eggs open; it really is a sight to behold.

The Pneumatic Egg-O-Matic Slot Review

Egg O Matic Slot Game is a new production from Netent. Graphics are superb, in fact, too good - reviewing this game has completely put me off eggs. The suffering these poor chicklets go through so we can win big money and crack open golden eggs with our wild symbol is just too intense for me.

My strongly adverse reaction is just proof of how good these advanced graphics really are. From the animated intro, I felt a bond with these little robotic chicks and was completely caught up in their plight.

Egg O Matic Leaves Egg on Your Face

The more you win and the better you do, the more the poor little blighters are electrocuted. This game is very realistic and is a whole experience in itself. When you get a pay line and one or more of the little creatures are electrocuted, they throw up lots of gold coin eggs for you, adding to your score and the money you are making from this chicken farm! Putting my feminine sensitivities aside before Julian laughs me out the building, let's talk about Egg O Matic Slot bonuses - spreading wild eggs, coin win eggs, surprise eggs and free spin eggs. This game is all about the eggs and what they can give you.

How Eggsactly Does It Work?

Egg O Matic Slot bonus wild play symbols are always available but, you need to have the right rooster in town to crack your egg open to see what you will get. If your golden egg is laid above a rooster on that line, you will get a chance to see what you have won. You can win up to 50 free spins, each of which pump out a new egg on top of the conveyor belt for even more Egg O Matic winning potential. Egg O Matic Coin win amounts are multiplied by the bet level and winning pay lines.

This game is all about the eggs and what they can give you.

Whilst there are many bonus eggs, there are no actual bonus rounds in this eccentric Egg O Mattic slot machine game. It would be nice to see some additional scenes after the intro, just to add even more character to the little fella's (and further put me off omelettes).

Review Summary

-Quality graphics
-Big bonuses in the form of eggcellent prizes
-It may put you off eggs for life
-Julian and the rest of the VegasMaster team are not going to let me live this one down


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  1. Julian

    I’m always impressed with the games on Mr. Green’s casino. The 3D graphics always look high-quality! Plus they have really clever themes like this one.

    • Mollie

      Julian, You totally only think the themes are clever ‘cos they put me off my eggs in the morning!

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  • Animals

  • NetEnt

  • 5 Reels

  • 20 Paylines

  • Released in 2016

  • 97 %

  • Max Coins Per Line: 10

  • Min Coins Per Line: 1


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  • Autoplay

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  • Scatter Symbol

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