European Roulette

This online roulette game is one of the frontrunners in traditional online casino table games. It has features and aspects which will appeal to all lovers of roulette.

Spin the online roulette wheel, with European Roulette

European Roulette is possibly preferred by more players than any other NetEnt developed online roulette game. The main reason for that is its single zero spot, which means the house edge is lower than in virtually any other major roulette game. With flash graphics, and some handy features, there is much to admire about this roulette variant.

How to play

If you’ve ever played any online roulette game before, you should have no problem getting to grips with this title. Net Ent’s European Roulette features a total of 37 spots on its wheel, with only one zero (0) being present. This lowers the house edge considerably, since if the ball lands in a zero, you will lose. American Roulette (by contrast) features two zero spots, which near doubles the house edge. After making your bet on the betting board, you will be hoping for the ball to land in an ideal pocket to bag a win. If it settles in any unfavourable pocket (or the zero spot), you lose.

Alot to choose from

Again, this section should be a doddle for roulette players with experience. You can bet on inside or outside bets in this game, and there are plenty to choose from. Players simply need to choose a stake of between 1.00 and 500.00 in total, and place it on the betting board, in the relevant place to wager their bet. Bets include lows, highs, even/odd, red/black, dozens, columns, six-lines, corners, three lines (streets), splits, and straights.

Endless features

A couple of handy features make an appearance in European Roulette. The online roulette game contains a hot and cold window, which shows you the most frequently appearing, and least frequently appearing numbers in the game, based on your spins.

The game also contains re-bet and double bet options, as well as windows for your favoured bets, statistics on play, and a racetrack view. All of these can enhance your European Roulette experience.

Pay-outs to suit all players

The lowest paying roulette odds are for low, high, even, odd, red or black bets. These will see the player win pay-outs worth 1:1. Dozen and column bets are worth double that, at 2:1. Six-line, corner, or street (three-line) bets are worth 5:1, 8:1, and 11:1, respectively. Split bets come in at 17:1, whilst the most profitable bets (and the most difficult to land), are those based on single numbers. These straight bets are worth as much as 35:1, if you can pull one off.

European Roulette can be cheap or expensive to play, depending on your preference. This online roulette game is one of the frontrunners in traditional online casino table games. It has features and aspects which will appeal to all lovers of roulette. Moreover, the game contains a run-of-the-mill style which will suit just about everyone, amateur or battle hardened roulette veteran alike.

Review Summary

- Tidy and neat graphics
- Surplus of added features and stats
- Just a single zero spot, for a lower house edge
- There are no negative features in this game


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