Flea Market

This slot is one of my personal favourite 3-reel slots from Rival Gaming. Flea Market Slot has everything a decent, quality, old school style slot should have, plus glittering gems of wild symbol multiplier hopes available to up your win by a tonne.

Flea Market Slot Review

This is not your usual flea market, it actually has fleas; cute dark blue things that wear hats and aprons and stand behind counters serving coffee and plates and running the market! The Flea Market slot brings a whole new meaning to what going to the flea market actually entails.

Flea Market Slot Software

What lollipops have to do with flea markets, I have no idea. However, when you get 2 or 3 in a row, the cutesy fleas, in all manner of shapes and sizes (a family perhaps?) jump and bounce their ways across your screen holding them. They even drop out of the sky! Well, what flea doesn't like a sticky, crunchy sweet treat now and then?

One or two lollipops will only get you a few coins, whereas, as soon as we're into the green 1 bars, red 2 bars and blue 3 bars, coinage starts increasing exponentially. 3 lollipop symbols will get you between 40 and 80 coins and, 3 old style antique chests of drawers (also known as dresser drawers to those across the pond) will score you between 100 and 200 coins. The real money is in those rare treasures, the diamond rings. 3 of them will net you between 4,000 and 10,000 coins and, just 1 or 2 will multiply your wins. Yes, the diamond ring is our Flea Market wild symbol.

The Flea Market slot brings a whole new meaning to what going to the flea market actually entails.

Now, the basic 3-reel slot inspires some debate, there are those who swear by them and the ease and simplicity they offer you - winning coins should be simple and hassle free without things being over the top, some might say. Then, there are those who just can't enjoy a slot unless it has the latest movie theme and some decent bonus game play. I, myself, am torn between these two different schools of thought but, I can say for sure that I am definitely after three diamond rings in this Flea Market Slot bonuses.

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