Conan The Barbarian

Conan the Barbarian slot game from CryptoLogic wasn’t rated one of their best for nothing. 9 crazy progressive jackpots are waiting to be won, one for each of the 0-paylines on offer in this video slot. While the graphics pre-date the new age of CryptoLogic, the bonus features and extras on offer show us why we’ve always loved this casino games provider.

The Conan The Barbarian Slot Review

CryptoLogic's Conan the Barbarian slot machine has 5-reels and 9 paylines. While video slots usually feature 20 or 25 paylines, there is a method behind the Conan the Barbarians 9-payline slot madness. We've found jackpots. Hidden deep inside his cave, Conan the Barbarian's slot reels are full of jackpots.

Graphics and Sound

While there's no Arnold Schwarzenegger to be seen, Conan the Barbarian fits the slot in the style of the original comic. Thought of as a bit of a barbarian, Conan is actually more like a caveman with a heart of gold, especially when he is bought to the live reels by CryptoLogic and all the potential gold you could be winning is revealed. No wonder this is one of the most popular original CryptoLogic slots, despite the fairly fundamental graphics. The overall atmosphere captures the scene with ease, and all relevant characters are featured in the Conan the Barbarian slot machine.

CryptoLogic's Crazy Progressive Jackpot is ready to be won on the Conan the Barbarian slot at any time. 

Conan the Barbarian Slot Bonus Features

In addition to the Crazy Conan the Barbarian slot Jackpot that makes this a real treat; there are some nifty bonus features available, in true CryptoLogic style. Get in on the action in the Conan the Barbarian Slot Game Cave of Skulls Bonus Round, where you'll arm our hero with a sword as he makes sure none of the skulls hiding in the deep, dark depths are hiding anything dangerous. A range of cash prizes and multipliers are on offer, but beware the skull hiding the trap, as you will find Conan's sword will be defeated and the rewards will end.

Hitting Jackpot

CryptoLogic's Crazy Progressive Jackpot is ready to be won on the Conan the Barbarian slot at any time. Simply gather together 5 Conan symbols on any of the 9-paylines. Each payline will give you a different jackpot amount, but they will all pay out when spun right.

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