2 Million BC

2 Million BC slot machine and the rest of BetSoft’s 3D games represent graphic excellence in every way. An obviously large amount of effort has been put into making these games the most entertaining around. Online casinos carry with them the potential for adding technologically entertaining elements that simply aren’t the same at a brick and mortar establishment. It’s games like 2 Million BC slot that realize this potential and do what it takes to use it to their advantage.

Get Lost in the Past at 2 Million BC Slot Machine

You know how somebody always asks, “Where were you when Kennedy was shot?” or, “What were you doing on 9/11?” Well, I have a similar question: where might you have been and what might you have been doing 2,000,2013 years ago? Technically, I think man were still considered a type of ape that long ago, but by playing 2 Million BC slot machine, you can get an idea for yourself what things might have been like.


2 Milion BC Slot Machine Theme

3D slot machine geniuses at BetSoft really outdid themselves with this production. Set in the jungles of the very distant past, 2 Million BC slot features 30 lines of ancient fun with everything you might expect. From the Saber-toothed tiger of the distant past, the massive people-hunting bees, to the world’s first stone wheel and a piece of Stonehenge, 2 Million BC drags you back beyond memory into the days of what only archaeologists theorize that they’ve come to understand.

Getting three fire symbols triggers your hard earned free spins. Collecting three Jurassic sized acorns over time gives you the chance to win big by using them to take down a Saber-tooth who’s come to get you! Get back at the Saber-tooth for his attacks by helping your cavewoman friend (ooh-la-la) to steal a massive diamond right from between his clutching paws.

Besides the amazing graphics that come along with 3D slots, design in 2 Million BC slot is dynamic and makes the reels and buttons part of the theme instead of keeping these two elements separate.

The reels at 2 Million BC Slot Machine show you your balance in real money and credits. It’s up to you to decide how much each credit is worth and how many credits you bet on each line. Beyond that you also have control of how many lines you’re betting on ensuring that you bet exactly how much you want, no more no less. This slot also has the auto-play feature, but lacks the option to continue auto-play until a feature is triggered.


2 Million BC Slot Machine Graphics & Sound

BetSoft online gambling software is well known for their impressive line of 3D video slots. As 2 Million BC slot software was one of their first 3D released, it is perhaps less impressive than some of their more recent productions. Yet, the excellent execution of the 3D slot idea is still enough to amaze.

Besides the amazing graphics that come along with 3D slots, design in 2 Million BC slot is dynamic and makes the reels and buttons part of the theme instead of keeping these two elements separate. This expertise creates a feeling of excellence and professional effort rarely seen in conventional video slots.  Time was even put in to design the heavy, but obviously sturdy caveman that stands to the right of the slots cheering you on, stretching, dancing, or battling the dreaded Saber-tooth.

Sound effects and background music are also dynamic and engaging, dragging you into the game and keeping a steady gaming pace making it extremely difficult to bore yourself during game play. New sounds come in during special features and give special booms whenever there’s a win on the reels and all the time your caveman buddy is grunting in his corner…

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