Starlight Kiss

Starlight Kiss slot machine is dangerous material. Its name should be enough to tell you to steer clear of this one if you aren’t much of a romantic. For those who appreciate a little love, the theme and background music should be enough to keep you playing on this slot machine though the graphics aren’t top of the line.

Get Romantic with Starlight Kiss Slot Machine

Looking for the man of your dreams while you spin the slots? Yes, there’s even a slot machine cheesy enough for you. It’s called Starlight Kiss. It’s just for you and you can play it while falling in fake love at casinos supported by Microgaming software.


Starlight Kiss Slot Graphics and Audio

Starlight Kiss slot machine marks one of Microgaming’s poorer achievements in the arena of graphics and sound. The art and visuals are simple and grainy, though the reels function as smoothly as you could hope for which is really the important thing.  Audio is limited mostly to constant background music though there are small, and relatively boring sound effects for the spin of the reels or whenever there’s a win.

Tired of roses? Well get over it cause the special features in this game are full of them.

Starlight Kiss Theme

If you’re a hopeless romantic, there’s no better game for you. Roses adorn every nook and cranny of the reels and background which includes a night sky of deep purple. Starlight Kiss is set in a world where love letters are written of parchment with feather quills and more roses while the man of your dreams holds his heart as he gives you another rose and kisses you in the moonlight. Yet another rose comes along with the extravagant box of chocolates wrapped in pink paper and silk ribbon. I sure hope you like roses, cause there’s even more.


Starlight Kiss Slot Bonus Symbols and Payout

Tired of roses? Well get over it cause the special features in this game are full of them. Getting three bonus symbols on the reels triggers a special game that puts you in a romantic park where you get to pick from several objects that will set the mood. Would you like the swans to form a heart for you or would you like to light the candles waiting for you on the side? What you get out of this night is up to you as each chosen object gives you a different win which then gets added up and multiplied according to the meter on the left side of the screen.

You’ve finally gotten lucky with the scatter symbol where prince charming has taken you back to his dimly lit mansion for a night of loving passion. This scatter symbol will give you 15 free spins so hold on for a wild night!

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