Gobblers Gold

Thanksgiving wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without the Pilgrims and, Gobblers Gold slot will delight you with its early American Thanksgiving meal, done right. The graphics and effects are cute and make spinning those reels an interesting and fun way to spend some time.

Gobblers Gold Slot Review

All that glitters is golden in Gobblers Gold slot game, brought to us from Rival Gaming in an innovative, golden touched move.

We meet a pilgrim family preparing for a lovely Thanksgiving dinner in the Gobblers Gold slot. We are faced with all manner of hunger inducing tasty looking items and a squawking turkey that pops up on our reels of wholesome food and simple Thanksgiving celebration.

The music is soothingly repetitive and infuses a sense of thankfulness and celebratory times ahead with Gobblers Gold Slot.

Gobblers Gold Graphics

In a twinkling move, as the reels spin, autumn leaves sprinkled at the sides and above the reels wink and glitter at you in the resulting breeze. We have the small coin symbols, a basket of apples, an ear of corn, a pumpkin that could double as Cinderella's carriage and a stacked hay bale with extra pumpkins at the side. When you win on any of these, our pilgrims pop out as you to surprise you with your winning coins.

The music is soothingly repetitive and infuses a sense of thankfulness and celebratory times ahead with Gobblers Gold Slot.

There's even a piece of pie with a scoop of cream on it for delicious dessert.

What Thanksgiving would be complete without Mr Farmer and his shotgun offering free spins at a 3x multiplier - 3 of his bearded, hatted goodness will earn you 10 free Gobblers Gold slot spins and 4 will net you 20 free spins. The icing on the turkey is that 5 will get you a whopping 100 free spins.

Gobblers Gold Symbols

Gobblers Gold slot Wild Turkey symbol will pop up with a coo every so often and, the more Wild Turkey symbols you get on screen, the higher your multiplier will be!

Gobblers Gold slot has A Turkey In Every Jackpot or, at the very least in every large pot the Pilgrims wife is holding with a big grin on her face. And no wonder, 5 of these symbols will reward you with 1500 coins!

The year 1620 brought us The Mayflower and it is the key to unlocking the Gobblers Gold slot bonus round pumpkin patch trial.

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