Grandma's Attic

Grandma’s Attic slot brings us into the family fold and uncovers what is hiding in the family attic of yesteryear. Decent enough graphics and a multitude of coin winning possibilities, including a very nice jackpot make this game worth taking out for a spin.

What’s In Grandmas Attic Slot Review?

It begins with Grandma shrieking a mumbled something unintelligible and pointing at her attic. Her young grandson moves towards the hanging flaps with trepidation. What on earth will he find up there?

Grandma's Graphics

As with all Rival Gaming graphics, a lot is left to be desired but, there is never a lack of imagination.

If mother knows best then, grandmother knows better and we have our 5 a day fruit accounted for here, purple pineapples, oranges apples, lemons and cherries range between a 3 coin minimum and 125 coins for 5 purple pineapples. Why is Grandma keeping them in her attic, one may ask? Well, it all seems like a ploy to get her grandson to up his daily fruit intake to me!

An old armchair, dripping with cobwebs and patched up will get you 250 coins while, a rat feasting on some cheese will get you 200 coins. Grandmas Attic slot also has some jewels, most notably a crown worth a Grandmas Attic slot jackpot of 750 coins and a broach worth 400 coins.

Grandma's Special Symbols

The self-titled "free spins" symbol will award you 10 free spins if you get 3 or more of them. Free spins have a nice 3x multiplier available so, you can really notch up your coins.

Now, every closet has a skeleton in it and, Grandmas Attic slot wild symbol sees the skeleton make its way into play - spin a mere two for a decent 10 coins or, spin your reels into motion with 5 for 7500 coins. Just think what nice present you could buy Grandma with that amount of coins rolling in!

An old armchair, dripping with cobwebs and patched up will get you 250 coins while, a rat feasting on some cheese will get you 200 coins

A weird skeletal key with a tuft of green hair that looks like grass, and a nice red string so you don't lose it and its little horns is the scatter symbol. It may only give you 1 coin for 3, 5 coins for 4 and 50 coins for 5 of these symbols; it will unlock the door to the Grandmas Attic Slot bonus round where you will be able to choose from 6 chests for some treasure. You might also find another key which, in turn will bring you another 6 chests to choose from.

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