Grave Grabbers

Grave Grabbers slot machine, while not among the best games in the market, is an enjoyable playing experience that had me chuckling to myself while I kept playing just to re-trigger the bonus game for another shot at that treasure. Good graphics and entertaining art and animation make this an online slot machine worth trying.

Buried Treasure at Grave Grabbers Slot Machine

Grab your shovels and bring your bravery! You’re off to dig up the Grave Grabbers treasure but tread carefully! In your quest to get your gold you may just disturb more than a few spirits in Top Game Software’s online video slot machine ‘Grave Grabbers’.


Graphics and Game Quality

While this is no 3D slot machine, graphics on Grave Grabbers slot software are clear and all the art and animation is playful and enjoyable adding a sort of innocent fun and Halloween feel to the grave yard and ghouls that surround you.

With 20 lines, the Grave Grabbers slot machine reels sit on the grave yard fence while a full moon shines in the background and skeletons emerging from the ground hold up the signs for Pay Table and Spin. Music and audio is also stimulating and fitting to the theme with disdain sounds typically used to create an air of creepiness.


Payout with Grave Grabbers Slot Bonuses

Despite the cute theme, players log onto to online casinos to win some money. So how do you win money at Grave Grabbers? Well the most common way of coming away with a pile of cash is by getting the chance to play the bonus game like in most slot machines.

Music and audio is also stimulating and fitting to the theme with disdain sounds typically used to create an air of creepiness.

Triggered by getting three gravedigger symbols on the same payline, the bonus game transports you to within the graveyard in the dead of night. There, you have to choose which grave to dig up. Each grave provides a key and a certain amount of treasure. Moving on the next round you must choose a tomb. The key you’ve dug up will open two of the tombs and award you with more gold while choosing the third tomb will end the game.

The third part of this multi-faceted bonus game requires you to dig up one of the stones on the floor where the rest of the Grave Grabbers gold has been hidden. There is only one right stone. Dig up any other and you may find yourself buried in the tomb yourself…

There is also a tombstone scatter symbol that awards you free spins and of course the haunted house that takes the place of all other symbols besides the bonus and scatter.

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