Immortal Romance

This should really be The VegasMistress says as, this vampire laden festival is definitely one for the ladies out there. Ladies who love to be lunched on by our fanged friends will absolutely adore this Immortal Romance slot game, full of life just waiting to be spun into a bonus round!

Immortal Romance – A Haunting Story

For the first time since starting to review all things online gambling for our dear VegasMaster followers, I have encountered music in a slot game that leaves me reaching for my volume button; not to mute it but to turn it up!

Now, I would think that the name, Immortal Romance slot, would have all the men in the house turning away in disgust but, the score and gentle rhythm on this Immortal Romance slot game are an auditory pleasure. The dramatic spinning of the slots adds depth to the music and, the winning notifications are jarring and take you momentarily out of the hauntingly beautiful music. When you hit 5 of a kind, that’s when it gets dramatic and you get an excellently graphic video of our immortal vampire biting his victim. Even this sudden change of tone and darkening does not detract from the underlying music.

When you hit Wild Desire, you will certainly know about it.

Immortal Romance Bonus Play

The Wild Desire Bonus activates randomly, like a vampire sweeping you off your feet without a moment's notice to whisk you and your tempting neck vein away to immortality. Why not be spun off your feet by what you will discover waiting for you if you spin 3,4 or 5 Scatter symbols? You will open the door to the dizzying Chamber of Spins. Progression to the Chamber of Spins will unlock many more features.

I like the Stop button if you want to play a short Immortal Romance spin one round. Sometimes, the need to know what our fate will be is overwhelming and who wants to have to wait for the spin to take its time, going round and round?

Startle Yourself with Immortal Romance

When you hit Wild Desire, you will certainly know about it. There is one heck of a bonus for you and, the music goes up about a hundred notches. The excitement builds and then coins spring out of nowhere. It took me a while to get to see what the Chamber of Spins was all about as the Scatter bonuses were, rather scattered in frequency. Once I entered the music went from hauntingly beautiful to pop rock extraordinaire, in line with the bats and, my 15 free spins flew off to win me money. I cannot wait to enter the Chamber next time and pick one of the different 4 options, to see what different theme music and graphics it will have!

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