Fantastic 4

The biggest attraction of CryptooLogic’s Fantastic Four slot game has to be the 3 jackpots on offer across the Marvel Comics slots. Plus the huge range of bonus features and free games that can be spun with little to no effort, further increasing your winning chances. This slot is worth a spin or two, so join the rest of the team today.

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An exquisite 5-reel, 25 payline CryptoLogic Marvel Comic Fantastic Four themed slot, these reels are full of real wild cards that team up to bring you big winnings.

Graphics and Sounds

As with all Marvel slots by CryptoLogic, the themes closely follow the original comics, and as the films stay true to the original drawings, you're playing with the real Fantastic Four team in order to engage all the bonus features available to you and end up spinning yourself a real winner.

Marvel's Fantastic Four slot was CryptoLogic's chance to make a lovely foursome to enhance four of the 5-reels.

The music is exciting and, although there are no Hollywood fanfares, the reels spin neatly into paylines, helped along by the sparkling graphics on offer. However, at the time CryptoLogic produced the Marvel slots, they had still not teamed up with Amaya Gaming and their graphics weren't as top notch as their later stuff. The real treat to this Fantastic Four Marvel Comic slot by CryptoLogic is the Jackpot on offer, and the bonus features.

Fantastic Four Slot Bonus Features

Before we get to the jackpot you've all been waiting for, those bonus features aren't going to spin themselves. Marvel's Fantastic Four slot was CryptoLogic's chance to make a lovely foursome to enhance four of the 5-reels. The fifth belongs to Dr Doom. Of course our heroes Mr Fantastic, The Invisible Woman, The Human Torch and The Thing band together to drive the other reels wild.

You'll get between 10 and 15 free spins on the Fantastic Four slot machine game, at a range of different multipliers, but if you help out the Marvel hero characters, and unleash Dr Doom, you will win unlimited CryptoLogic Fantastic Four slot free spins.

With all these special bonus features going on, what more is there to possibly say? Well, let's not forget about those Marvel Jackpots I mentioned earlier.

Marvellous Marvel Jackpots

Across all Marvel slot games, spanning across the galaxy, there roam the Hero Jackpot, the Superhero Jackpot and the Marvel Hero Jackpot. You can hit any one of these at any time during your play and the more you wager, the bigger the chance you'll have of winning this Fantastic Four Slot Jackpot.

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