Jurassic Park

Microgaming, one of the world’s leading software developers has created the Jurassic Park online slot machine game based on the award winning film by Steven Spielberg. Fans will immediately recognise the various reel symbols used throughout the game. Using the latest in 3D technology, Microgaming has created a brilliant representation of the Jurassic Park brand.

Welcome to Jurassic Park Slot Machine Review

Microgaming developed the first online gaming casino in 1994 and since then they have continued to create and provide original games. One can play the Jurassic Park Online Slot via the Microgaming, flash and quickfire platforms.

The Jurassic Park slot machine game is set deep in the heart of the jungle, the 3D effects mean the graphics seem so realistic, you actually feel you are literally walking through the jungle and at any point one of the dinosaurs could be right behind you. The images of the dinosaurs look so impressively realistic; these dinosaurs together with the well-known cast from the movie are used as the Symbols on the Reels.  Throughout the game you will be sure to see and hear many Jurassic Park video slot features such as images, video clips and snippets of the special soundtrack from the original movie.

Gigantic winnings of up to 475,000, as well as Jurassic Park Slot bonus features are sure to make your palms sweat – oh wait that could just be you feeling a bit nervous that you could be lunch for the next dinosaur.

Parallax Scrolling Brings Jurassic Park to Life

The Jurassic Park slot machine online was developed with the latest technologies in mind and is one of the few using Parallax Scrolling effects. A pioneer in this niche, the video slot features some of the finest graphics and unique animations triggered by winning combinations. It’s easy to get players excited when the spinning wheels announce the imminent payout and the scrolling effects are a treat to the eye.

The high number of winning combinations and the possibility of winning a life-changing amount are the leading arguments in favor of choosing this game. The movie fans will be extra motivated by the fact that Jurassic Park free spins are accompanied by animated environments inspired by movie locations. The T-Rex Alert Mode feature is particularly impressive, with the king of dinosaurs bringing as many as 35 wild symbols on the active pay line.

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These can substitute any of the signs to create more and better paying winning combinations. The Dinosaur Egg is a pleasant sight as it acts as a scatter symbol and it triggers free spins in bundles of five at the time. Not only will players spin the reels for free, but would also get to enjoy the original mini-features ranging from mystery multipliers, to running wilds.

While chasing the Jurassic Park slot machine bonus, players will be kept motivated by an avalanche of free spins. It’s easy to get fully immersed into the gaming atmosphere, as the slot machine feels like an adventure rather than a regular online casino game. Players start with the Tyrannosaurus Rex when the first free spins are unlocked and then choose their own adventure while claiming more free spins. A combined amount of 35 bonus rounds are up for grabs in the early stages and it only gets better.

Jurassic Park Slot Fearsome Features

Jurassic Park online slot is a five reel slot that offers 243 ways to win. Although the graphics are great and the soundtrack ensures that you feel you are literally in the jungle, during the rounds when you don’t seem to win anything it could feel a little to calm. The music is very calm and the general atmosphere is relaxed, perhaps a bit too relaxed.

The T-Rex dinosaur occurs randomly during paid spins. When this dinosaur explodes onto the screen it triggers the T-Rex Alert Mode, which lasts for six spins, during which 35 extra wild symbols are added to the reels. This feature means you have potential to win massive pay-outs

Jurassic Park Slot free spins

Jurassic Park slot machine is packed with features.

Gigantic winnings of up to 475,000, as well as Jurassic Park Slot bonus features are sure to make your palms sweat – oh wait that could just be you feeling a bit nervous that you could be lunch for the next dinosaur.

This slot game offers five wild dinosaur features, each Jurassic Park Slot bonus round is represented by its own dinosaur, each awarding 12 free spins, as well as various other features depending on the round.

The scatter symbol is represented by a Mosquito in Amber, 3, 4 or 5 scatter symbols activate the dinosaur themed bonus rounds. Once you have played free spins 25 times, you will have the opportunity to choose your favourite dinosaur feature.

Bigger than Big Jurassic Park Slot Bonuses

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex, you receive 12 free spins and wild reels that activate randomly. The graphics throughout these rounds are truly captivating.
  • Brachiosaurus, you receive 12 spins as well as mystery multipliers. This is the only round where free spin bonus features can be reactivated once they have already been triggered. All wins will be multiplied by 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x or 6x
  • Velociraptor, you receive 12 free spins. This round also creates split wilds which can result in a 6-of-a-kind win, also featuring 4x, 5x, or 6x Multiplier Wilds
  • Triceratops, 12 free spins with running wilds. During each free spin, the wild stack grows by a wild each reel. On a non-winning spin, partial stacks can nudge to form full stacks, at which point all remaining reels will spin.
  • Dilophosaurus, 12 free spins with winning wilds. This dinosaur appears on to the screen and turns one of the random symbols into a wild that can substitute for any of the symbols to create a winning pay line.

Boost Your Profits with the T-Rex Alert Mode

Microgaming is a software developer famous not only for progressive jackpots, but also the generous bonus features of each slot machine. In this Jurassic Park slot review we talk about the gigantic winnings that can be claimed at any time with a tiny bet.

The T-Rex Alert Mode can be just as lucrative, but there is an indissoluble link between the size of the stakes and the potential return on investment. In a nutshell, you can win a maximum amount of 6000 times the wager, so the more you bet, the bigger the returns. If you thought that things couldn’t possibly get better, know that even the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops Free Spins can trigger the maximum bonus.

Throughout this game there are many opportunities to multiply your winnings. Jurassic Park slot game online is sure to be one that any fan or adventurous individual would want to continue playing time and time again. The combination of the graphics, features and bonuses, as well as the opportunity for enormous winnings, work together to ensure a one of a kind gaming experience.

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